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Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America

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Name - Adrienne / Gender - Female / Age - 28

[info]miracle_night // [info]weiss_seiyuu // [info]girlpop


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2hott:2handle, ai takahashi, ando, ando masahashi, armin shimerman, assemblage 23, baby names, bamboo, belly dance, blue, bouncy balls, brian keene, bushroot, californication, candles, cats, china king, clea duvall, colm meaney, comedy, conan o'brien, cons, cooking, covenant, curly hair, darren hayes, david duchovny, degrassi, disney afternoon, dogs, dr. 90210, dr. rey, ds9, etsy, extreme ghostbusters, feather boas, ferengi, finola hughes, flowers, fuzzy animals, garnet crow, ghostbusters, gilmore girls, gossip, gum, hayami kishimoto, hello! project, heroes, hgtv, horror, horror novels, house, how do i look, hrg, hungary, j-pop, jack coleman, japan, jordan feldman, judd apatow movies, juice, junior mints, kangaroos, kent, keys, kirsten dunst, knobs, koyasu takehito, lafayette, lesbians, lip gloss, lost, love, mansun, mashed potatoes, mel gilden, melon kinenbi, mesh, meteorology, michael biehn, miki fujimoto, miki shin'ichirou, morning musume, movies, mr. bennet, nature, nelsan ellis, odo, olivia lufkin, pajamas, paul rudd, pet health, poker, psych, ramen, raspberry lemonade, rene auberjonois, risa niigaki, robert patrick, rubber ducks, sarcasm, savage garden, sci fi, seki tomokazu, seth green, sexual euphemisms, shoes, silverchair, sleeping, slovakia, socks, sonim, soul calibur, spicy food, squirrels, star trek, stars, steve carell, steve martin, stir fry, storms, string cheese, sweden, terminator series, thai food, thailand, the 4400, the faculty, the hotness, the joy luck club, the office, the style network, the tribe, travel, trees, true blood, tsunku, tv, vanilla, vast, voyager, wayne's world, weiss, william sleator, x-files, yuuki hiro
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